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Logo and Corporate Design Relaunch

Horse Feed by Ahlbrand

Pferdefutter von Ahlbrand
plantamedium dreiecke Hintergrundelement

Turning Old into New: Ahlbrand Brand Relaunch

Ahlbrand is the specialist in high-quality horse feed. The online shop offers a wide range of feed products that are subject to strict quality control.

Horse health is the top priority for the family business and its customers. As passionate riders ourselves, we were all the more delighted to be commissioned to develop the concept and layout for an umbrella brand strategy for the Ahlbrand brand.

Neues Logo Ahlbrand Pferd

Our Approach

In an intensive briefing as part of a brand workshop, we delved into the product characteristics, brand messages and unique selling points of the company in order to define the brand essence. We then developed several graphic designs for the logo, colour scheme and fonts for a corporate design that embodied both a recognition effect and professional expertise and high quality in line with the expectations of the target group.

Ahlbrand Corporate Design Manual Mockup

The new corporate design can now be seen on all business stationery, image brochures, food packaging and lorry lettering.

Umsetzung des Corporate Designs auf den Produkten
Geschäftsausstattung für Ahlbrand Pferdefutter
Fahrzeugbeschriftung Ahlbrand