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Social Media Design Concept

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Entry into the Social Media World for the Seed Expert

We were delighted to accompany the seed expert L. Stroetmann Saat on its social media launch. For more than 230 years, the company has been offering farmers and resellers a wide range of products such as cereals, maize, grassland and fodder crops, catch crops, coarse legumes, winter rape, green manure mixtures, and lawn mixtures.

Logo L.Stroetmann Saat
Beispiele für Instagram-Beiträge von Stroetmann Saat

Creative Strategy for the Social Media Presence

Our exciting task was to develop a creative design strategy for L. Stroetmann Saat for their selected social media channels, based on a concept previously created by us.

From Workshop to Comprehensive Social Media Concept

How did we proceed? We got to know the client L. Stroetmann Saat better in a social media workshop. Especially for the creation of a social media concept, it is essential to learn a lot about the company, its values, its culture, its employees, products, goals, and special features. Based on the results of this workshop, we developed a comprehensive social media concept.

Social Media Story Highlight Thumbnail "Funfacts"
Die Farbwelt von Stroetmann Saat, die im Corporate Design Manual festgelegt ist

Perfect Alignment with Corporate Identity

During this process, we created individual templates for the social media profiles, including highlight covers for the Instagram presence as well as template elements and campaign templates for future social media presence. We also defined the font, colours and image elements to ensure that everything is perfectly aligned with the identity and style of the company.