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Screendesign for Urban Online and Ahlbrand Pferdefutter (Horse Feed)

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Customised Screendesign

Urban is a family-run, internationally operating company from Lower Saxony that has been developing efficient solutions for farmers since 1984. With over 100 employees and many years of experience in calf and lamb rearing, Urban combines traditional and modern approaches to revolutionise the industry and create a sustainable future.

Ahlbrand is the specialist for high-quality horse feed. The online shop offers a wide range of feed products that undergo strict quality control. The health of the horses is the top priority for this family business and its customers. As enthusiastic riders, we were particularly excited about the opportunity to develop the concept and layout for a brand strategy for Ahlbrand.

Urban Kälbertechnik
Ahlbrand Tiernahrung Logo
Screendesign Farbpalette, Schriften und Bildsprache von Urban Fütterungstechnik
Screendesign Farbpalette, Schriften und Bildsprache von Urban Fütterungstechnik

The Basics of Screen Design

Before diving into the details of our projects, let’s take a look at the basics of screen design. Screen design encompasses various aspects crucial for the design of digital user interfaces:

  • Layout: A well-structured layout facilitates navigation and supports readability and comprehensibility.
  • Colours: Well-chosen colours evoke emotions, direct attention, and create a visual hierarchy.
  • Typography: The correct selection and application of fonts influence readability and the aesthetics of the user interface.
  • Images and Graphics: Visual elements make the user interface attractive and support
  • Interaction and Navigation Design: Intuitive interaction elements make it easier to navigate and use the website or app.
  • Responsive Design: Adjustable design ensures optimal display on various devices and screen sizes.
  • Usability: A user-friendly design supports the user’s experience and satisfaction.

Screen Design: Design Principles

Various design principles play a crucial role in creating user interfaces:

  • Balance: Balanced placement of elements creates visual stability and harmony.
  • Hierarchy: Emphasizing content to highlight its importance and relevance.
  • Contrast: Using contrasts to highlight important elements and improve readability.
  • Repetition: Using similar or identical elements for unity and consistency.
  • Rhythm: Visual patterns or sequences create a harmonious flow.
  • Whitespace: Using empty space between elements improves readability and focus.
Screendesign Farbpalette, Schriften und Wireframe Layout für den Blog im Ahlbrand Shop
Screendesign Ahlbrand Shopseite, Produktseite mit neuen Fotos und Gestaltungselementen
Urban Sitemap vor entwicklung des Screendesigns, definieren der Klickpfade und Inhalte der einzelnen Unterseiten und Elemente
Urban Sitemap vor entwicklung des Screendesigns, definieren der Klickpfade und Inhalte der einzelnen Unterseiten und Elemente

Analysis and Concept: The Basis for Successful Design

Starting with a thorough SEO analysis, we developed recommendations to maximize the visibility and reach of the pages. This forms the basis for the creative concept of the new screen designs, which we create in close collaboration with our clients.

Dreieck Punktmuster Hintergrundelement

Implementation and Result: Bringing Creative Visions to Life

Our designs were implemented in Adobe XD click dummies and refined after consultation with the client. We not only optimized the visual appearance but also improved usability and navigation. This way, visitors can quickly find the content they truly desire.

Screendesign: Animationspfade für die Sektionen und Abschnitte in der mobilen Darstellung angescribbled
Einsatz der Urban Raute als Gestaltungselement

Results and Outlook: A New Chapter for Urban and Ahlbrand

The result: modern, user-friendly websites that perfectly reflect our clients’ brand identities. We are proud to have been part of these exciting projects and look forward to supporting your company with creative screen design as well!