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Campaign for Winter Grain 2023



Seven medium-sized plant breeders have joined forces under the SAATEN-UNION brand to provide a particularly wide variety of successful seeds for all European cultivation regions.

We are delighted to have developed a particularly successful marketing campaign to promote the winter cereal varieties wheat, barley, rye, durum wheat and spelt at the start of our collaboration.

Logo der Saaten-Union
Rendering eines Weizenkorns von plantamedium

Set a Targeted Focus on the Product

Leaving well-trodden paths. Showing the target group how important every single seed kernel is to SAATEN-UNION. Shifting the focus to the pressing challenges in grain production. All of this is expressed in the 2023 campaign for the various winter cereal varieties.

We move away from images portraying an idealised world or romantic idyll, which often no longer reflect reality. We are moving away from small-scale layouts that offer little space for important campaign messages.

Instead, we move towards the actual product, the seed, and place it at the forefront. Towards an open design and a message that the viewer can instantly recognise  

The Basic Concept of the Campaign

Against the backdrop of global crises, particularly in grain production, security is the predominant issue for farmers. They have to make the best possible use of increasingly limited resources and therefore demand the highest quality seed from a reliable partner.

SAATEN-UNION offers exactly this with its wide variety of seeds and expert advice: reliable selection, reliable delivery, reliable harvest.

Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Birne Innovation
Text Vielfalt SAATEN-UNION: Kampagne für Wintergetreide 2023
Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Gerste: Vielfalt

What are the Characteristics of the Different Types of Fruit?

For each type of cereal, a single attribute was determined with the client. Subsequently, a quickly recognisable symbol was then developed for the key visual.

Dreieck Punktmuster Hintergrundelement

The campaign motifs unite the core message, the symbols and the product. The play with sharpness/blurriness and different image levels create dynamic visuals – even in print magazine ads. The different quantities, directions and areas of sharpness in the backgrounds create distinguishable motifs from crop to crop.

Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Weizen: Regional
Plakatwand an einer Straße für die SAATEN-UNION von plantamedium
Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Weizen: Regional
Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Weizen: Innovation
Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Roggen: Effizienz
Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Gerste: Vielfalt
Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Dinkel: Erfahrung
Kampagnenmotiv Wintergetreide 2023 Durum: Qualität

Storytelling and Consultation via Social Media Activities

The advertising campaign is accompanied by social media activities that are used to provide information about the benefits of the grain varieties. Expert advice is not only provided in person but also virtually via Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

As moving images are more important here (storytelling), all motifs were planned and executed as 3D-rendered animations from the outset. This was the only way to combine the seeds in extreme macro shots with an illustrated symbol in motion.

The result is animations that can be used flexibly, in which the dynamic movement of the various elements varies from crop to crop, thus creating ever-changing impressions.


Awarded with the German Agricultural Marketing Prize 2023

The visual execution, the coherent concept and the cross-media approach of the campaign also convinced the expert jury of the German Agricultural Marketing Prize 2023. We are delighted with our client about the award in the Crop Farming category.

Der Deutsche Agrar-Marketing-Preis 2023 – verliehen für die Kampagne Wintergetreide von Saaten-Union