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“Naturally” Hof Schwienhorst

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The Family Business of Farm Schwienhorst

The first records of the Schwienhorst family farm date back to 1664. Since 2016, the farm has been managed by Georg and Dorothee Schwienhorst using organic farming practices and is a member of the Naturland Association.

Logo Hof Schwienhorst
Teeverpackungen Hof Schwienhorst
Tee Hof Schwienhorst
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From the logo to the design of the product packaging and business stationery to the website, a standardised language is now spoken: The focus is – naturally – on the love for naturalness and regional authenticity.

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Eierverpackungen 10er Hof Schwienhorst
Gewinner des Deutschen Agenturpreises 2023
Hof Schwienhorst Fotografie von der Hanfsamen Verpackung, Referenz
Hof Schwienhorst Fotografie von der Quinoa Verpackung, Referenz
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The New Website

It impresses with its usability. Thanks to the clear menu navigation, customers can find their goods directly. We took the photos ourselves directly on the organic farm and implemented them into the website concept.

Webseite Hof Schwienhorst
Visitenkarte Hof Schwienhorst
Visitenkarte Hof Schwienhorst

Business Cards and Letterhead

They were printed on grass paper to continue the ecological aspect here as well.