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Product Launches with Keyvisual Development

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Launch Campaigns for Veterinary Medicines

For the launch of a new medicine, our client CP-Pharma requires a comprehensive launch campaign, which we accompany and design. CP-Pharma is a family-owned veterinary pharmaceutical company based in Burgdorf near Hanover. Founded in 1977, the generics manufacturer’s products can now be found in almost all veterinary practices and veterinary clinics in Germany. We are very proud to have been serving and supporting this great customer for more than 15 years.

CP-Pharma Logo

How do we proceed when a product launch is imminent?

After an introductory briefing by the client, we first conduct market research on the original product and relevant competitors and draw up a list of unique selling propositions (USPs) with the client. We then start creating the various materials for the launch of the new product.
Verschiedene Packungen von CP-Pharma
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Packaging Design According to CD (Corporate Design) Guidelines

In the first step, we create the packaging design based on CP-Pharma’s corporate design, followed by the development of a key visual and a slogan. Thanks to our expertise in veterinary medicine, we are able to translate the medical benefits of the new preparation into an attention-grabbing motif that appeals to the viewer, makes them smile or reflect, yet is related to the mostly serious topic of the respective medication.

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Insights from Neuromarketing

We always operate within the framework of CP-Pharma’s corporate design. We utilize insights from neuromarketing to select the motifs. The exceptional motifs target the viewer’s so-called “reptilian brain”, capturing their attention, causing the viewer to linger over the motif and wonder about the meaning of the headline.

Attention-grabbing power, humour, recognisability, veterinary medical correctness and graphic specifications set a high standard for the possible motifs. Below we present a selection of motifs that have been created over the last few years.

Anzeige von CP-Pharma "Keim out!"
Verschiedene Anzeigenmotive für Tierarzneien
Verschiedene CP Pharma Anzeigen mobil
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So, the technically informed viewer should swiftly discover the product in the advertisement, is quickly made aware of unique features and active ingredients via overlays and learns everything about the USPs of the product through three short bullet points at the bottom of the advert. The corresponding flyer conveys the complete sales argumentation on the back.

In a similar manner CP-Pharma’s product launches are each supported by a complete campaign. Each product campaign consists of a series of elements that conceptually work hand in hand in order to inform the target groups in a consistent manner.

Tierhalterbroschüre "Glanzleistung"
Tierhalterbroschüre Innenseite
Abgabetüten für den Tierhalter von CP-Pharma

In addition to the materials already mentioned, we are developing numerous service materials (dosage tables, diagnostic schemes, therapy schemes, pet owner information brochure with display stands, posters) that inform and support the defined target groups: the veterinarian, the veterinary technician and the pet owner, in a targeted manner. The campaign is also complemented by an introduction campaign, a press release, give-aways (lens cleaning cloths, fans, dispensing bags) and corresponding communication at the exhibition stand at veterinary congresses.

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