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Photo Shoots Bringing Brands and Stories to Life

Behind the Scenes: Planning and Preparation

Camera on. And Action!

Photo shoots are among our absolute favourite tasks. Working closely with the client, we first create a mood board where all key aspects such as lighting, perspective, background, focus and much more are defined and documented, taking into account the brand definition and subsequent planned communication. Based on this foundation, we brief the photographer and provide guidance throughout the day to ensure the best possible results.

We have conducted such photo sessions for a number of our clients. Every truly exciting and cool website, every informative, eye-catching brochure or advert benefits from professional images,making a well-stocked, versatile image database a valuable resource.

Einblick in das Fotoshooting für die Bröring Unternehmensgruppe - Fotoshooting für Sauenfutter-Kampagne

Bröring Campaign: Creative Photography for Eye-Catching Marketing Materials

At our client Bröring, we took charge of campaign planning and, as part of the campaign development, captured photographs of a sow from various perspectives. Subsequent colour editing turned each photo into a small work of art with a wow effect, the results are really impressive. The images are particularly eye-catching at first glance, exuding elegance and uniqueness. They are suitable for use as social media images, e.g. as Instagram photos, but also for print campaigns or poster design.

Photo shoot Sting
for Saaten Union

fotoshooting bei der tieraerztlichen praxis peheim

PEHEIM Veterinary Practice: Insight into Daily Practice

We had the privilege of accompanying the team at Veterinary Practice PEHEIM in the Oldenburger Münsterland for a photoshoot, generating imagery for the website, job postings, employer branding, and planned print products such as brochures. The entire practice team participated and was captured in various situations, including the treatment of pigs in modern facilities. We also ensured compliance with strict hygiene regulations in modern pig farming by showering in and out. Additionally, we captured great images in the attached small animal area of the friendly veterinary practice. With favorable weather, we even took some drone shots showcasing the practice and all its buildings from above.

Small Animal Clinic Hannover: Professional Animal Photography in Clinic Operations

We had the opportunity to accompany the Small Animal Clinic Hannover during its daily operations, capturing professional animal photographs in various diagnosis and treatment scenarios for social media, newsletters, and the clinic’s website. In addition to practice images, individual photoshoots were conducted to create images for the waiting room showcasing the numerous staff members. The clinic impresses with its multitude of specialists and comprehensive expertise, employing treatment methods at the forefront of modern standards. This was underscored by a carefully chosen lighting atmosphere and an interesting combination of motion shots with background blurs, skillfully executed.

Fotoshootings in der Kleintierklinik Hannover - eine Boa auf dem Arm der Tierhalterin

Photo shoot for TerraVis Biogas GmbH

Photo shoot for H. Wilhelm Schaumann GmbH