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Relaunch of the Logo and Corporate Design

Peheim Veterinary Practice

triangle blue

Fresh look

Veterinary Practice Peheim( for large and small animals) has been in existence for over 20 years. The young owners felt that the entire external presentation was no longer up to date and needed to be modernised. We were given the task of creating a fresher corporate design, including the logo, colour scheme and fonts. Following this, we implemented the design into business stationery (letterheads, business cards, appointment slips), website, practice clothing, practice premises, employer branding and the design of the vehicle fleet. The entire design was given a fresh, modern look that simultaneously reflects the company’s values.

Logo Tierärztliche Praxis Peheim
Tierärztliche Praxis Peheim Website Mockup

How Did We Proceed?

In an intensive briefing session, we got to know the practice owners more closely, learning about their areas of focus, priorities, and demands, as well as their goals, visions, and values.

We then started developing the new corporate design. The colour scheme, the familiar guiding motif and the typography elements were modernised and harmonised with each other in various iterations.

Briefbogen Corporate Design der Tierärztliche Praxis Peheim
Visitenkarte der Tierärztliche Praxis Peheim
Bulli Fahrzeuggestaltung für die Tierärztliche Praxis Peheim von plantamedium
Bulli Fahrzeuggestaltung für die Tierärztliche Praxis Peheim von plantamedium

... in the end, all parties involved should be able to identify with the new appearance.

As is often the case, we were faced with the challenge of merging the old and new designs with one another in this project, thus ensuring that the corporate design was recognisable despite the modernisation.

Different levels of willingness to innovate within a client team make such projects particularly exciting, because in the end everyone involved should be able to identify with the new look.

Further Steps

For an exciting photo shoot, we had the opportunity to visit various pig farms, ensuring proper hygiene protocols were followed by showering in and out, and captured plenty of great photographic material. Based on a detailed mood board, two photographer teams documented the daily practice routine at several pig farms and at the small animal clinic for an entire day. The resulting material was used to vividly illustrate the newly designed website, which followed as a separate extensive project in the next step.