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Content Days for Social Media Content Production

Dreieck gepunktet in Weiß, Hintergrundelement

Effectively Generating New Social Media Content

Founded in 1965, SAATEN-UNION GmbH is a consortium of seven medium-sized plant breeders with over 100 years of experience. It offers energy-efficient and healthy varieties for European growing regions and is characterised by practical relevance and a broad genetic diversity in over 40 agricultural crops.  We take pride in crafting a new social media presence for SAATEN-UNION. What sets this endeavor apart is our involvement in organizing multiple Content Days for SAATEN-UNION and producing social media videos.

Logo der Saaten-Union
Interviews auf den Contentdays der Saaten-Union führen und filmen

Planning According to Topics of the Editorial Plan

But what considerations are important when organising a Content Day? Everything must align! Therefore, based on our previously created social media concept and the themes of the editorial calendar, we first developed a storyboard.

The storyboard summarises ideas for campaigns, pre-formulates questions and text passages for interviews and makes numerous specifications. For example, scenes and camera angles, locations, props and backgrounds as well as important information on lighting and sound are clearly defined in advance and written down in the storyboard.

Production Guide

This planning then serves as a guide on site so that we don’t lose track during the production process. Equipped and prepared this way, we then went to our client’s location to conduct interviews with SAATEN-UNION employees and create social media videos.

Eine Personengruppe stellt sich für ein Gruppenfoto zusammen


Interview auf einer Bank: Klappe, die erste!
Zwischen den Aufnahmen: Kurz mal nachschauen, was man sich aufgeschrieben hat
Outtake: Präsentation einer HySEED Getreidesorte im Feld
Tasja filmt im Versuchsfeld
Filmaufnahmen in den Getreide-Versuchsfeldern

Staying Spontaneous and Capturing Exciting Moments

Despite all the preparation, it is always exciting to see how many unforeseen scenes and opportunities arise to capture great content. In addition to the prepared “red thread”, it is absolutely essential to trust your trained eye to “smell” and capture the scenes. The further editing of the video material we created was then carried out in our agency.