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We can get you where you need to go!

Welcome to plantamedium – your experienced partner for marketing solutions in the agricultural, food and animal sectors. With a proud 29 years of industry experience, we not only provide comprehensive services, but also a dedicated partnership for sustainable success.

From strategic analyses and consultation to creative campaign ideas – we are competent partners who are passionate about your goals. Our customised strategies are the result of years of experience and specific industry knowledge. Discover how a partnership with plantamedium can boost your business!

Strategie und Beratung


Are you uncertain about which marketing strategies are most effective for your business? Would you like to find out how you can creatively and purposefully reach your target groups? We support you with customised training sessions and workshops to develop together what will make your marketing successful, efficient and captivating.

Our consulting services include:

Ausgezeichnete Social Media Kampagne der Betriebshilfsdienste und Maschinenringe Westfalen-Lippe

Need an example? Here’s a reference on the topic:

Full-Service Social Media Support


Corporate Design & Branding

The development of a strong corporate identity begins with the perfect logo and may extend to details such as the licence plate holder on the company vehicle. However, the holistic design of your brand presence across all channels requires more than just creative ideas – it requires precise preparation, in-depth market knowledge and impeccable craftsmanship. We understand that corporate design and branding are more than just visual elements – they are the building blocks that form the face of your company.

Our corporate design services include:

Referenz Tierärztliche Praxis Peheim Titelbild

Need an example? Here is a reference on the topic:

Relaunch of the logo and corporate design


Corporate Design und Branding
Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Are you considering integrating social media into your business but don’t know exactly how to get started or currently lacking resources? Are you dissatisfied with with your social media follower numbers? Do you want more interaction or simply need someone to support you in your day-to-day operations? We are here to help! We offer you comprehensive support, from strategic planning to practical implementation of social media marketing.

Ask us about it:

Das Social Media Konzept für L. Stroetmann Saat

Need an example? Here is a reference on the topic:

Social Media Design Concept


Websites & Apps

Good Planning – Successful on the Web

Successful e-commerce or the presentation of your company requires expertise in planning, equipment and implementation. As experts, we support you with personalised advice and offer you a suitable concept for presenting your services and selling your products, solutions or services – no matter how extensive the portfolio should be.

For a tailor-made content concept, we recommend an in-depth analysis and compilation of all relevant search terms and competitors. Based on the insights gained, we can optimise the texts for your target group and the search engines.

Individual and Tailored to your Needs

We develop a functional and user-friendly web design tailored to the needs of your target group and bring the website online with the right CMS or shop system. We can fulfil any special solutions that arise in the course of digitalisation by integrating interfaces or APIs and seamlessly linking your website with the company’s IT. We work efficiently and transparently to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Webseiten und Apps

Even More Specific and Sometimes Offline: Apps

Some ideas may also be so specific that they should perform their function outside of the web browser. We can design these as an app and develop them specifically for mobile use on smartphones. Here we draw on our experience in website design and create an intelligent user interface based on the principles of design thinking.This way, we achieve the optimal way for the user to fulfil the task according to UX/UI guidelines.

Search and Be Found: SEO and SEA

We check and improve your content for search engines or promote it with mailings, newsletters or online ads to ensure that your app, company website or shop can be found easily.

L. Stroetmann Saat – Produktfinder Referenz

Need an example? Here’s a reference on the topic:

Seed finder from Stroetmann Saat


plantamedium offers you:

Leistungen Symbol Kampagnen Hahn


Do you want to ensure that your marketing campaigns have the desired effect on your customers? Are you looking for appealing adverts that are presented at the right touchpoints? We not only develop suitable image and text ideas for your campaign, but also implement them successfully using carefully developed media plans – whether online or in renowned print magazines.

We support your campaigns through:

Referenz: Kampagne für Wintergetreide 2023

Need an example? Here’s a reference on the topic:

Campaign for winter cereals 2023


3D and video production

In today’s marketing landscape, successful marketing without moving images is unconceivable. We are experts in planning, designing and realising a wide range of video formats – whether for social media, online presence, trade fairs, presentations or even VR applications. Our versatile skills allow us to translate the visual language of your brand into moving images, creating an impressive brand presence.

We are your partner for:

Verpackungsgestaltung für CP-Pharma

Need an example? Here’s a reference on the topic:

Product launches with key visual development


3D und Videoproduktion
Klassische Kommunikationsmaßnahmen

Classic Communication

The design and production of all printed media are the foundation of our work. We offer not only creative ideas but also professional design and production processing for a wide range of classic marketing materials. Whether impressive packaging designs, inviting trade fair stands, informative catalogues or business cards with high-quality print finishing – we focus on quality and creative excellence.

Your print project can include:

Natürlich Hof Schwienhorst – Verpackungsdesign Sieger des DA/2023

Need an example? Here’s a reference on the subject:

Naturlich Hof Schwienhorst


Service and Support

Do you expect more from an agency than just a cool design and nice words? Do you want your website to still be secure and performant even after a long time? Do you and your colleagues need training so that you can fill your website yourself in the long term?

That’s why we offer you:

Service und Betreuung